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Hello Sexy…

If you are lucky enough to be selected as new client I must warn you,
I play hard to get – where’s the fun if I just give you what you want, right away…

I am whatever you want me to be, a MILF, Sexy Secretary, Step-Mom, Naughty Nurse, etc…
I have outfits that will meet all your porno fantasies.

I am very selective on who I take in as my client. For instance you must be well
groomed, well mannered and I do check references. Your wealth doesn’t concern me,
all that matters is that you are able to afford my fees without negotiating.

Now, with all the unpleasantries aside let’s get back to why you are here on my site.

Because let’s face it you want to fuck and I like to fuck.

And before we go any further I have a dirty little secret I have to tell you – I get wet
listening to your fantasies, the more dirty and sexual the better. I want to hear how you
fuck other women in your life, what type of porn you masturbate to or what types of outfits
gets you off.

With that said I have 3 Fantasy Packages to suit your desires.

Pornstar Experience (PSE) – Have you ever watched a porn and said to yourself
“I want to do that”. Just send me the video of your favorite porn scene and we will
re-enact it together.

Goo Girl Package (GGE) – Cum, cum, Let’s not be shy. I love to have your cum
dripping all over me. You can spray me from head to toe!

All Holes Package (AHP) – You can put it my mouth to shut me up, in my pussy to make me
scream or put it in my ass to make me feel like the dirty girl I am.

I recommend any package that keeps you cumming back for more!

Once again, if your a guy, gal or a couple that wants to have some fun and enjoy
each others bodies in a safe environment then we should get together.

I must admit, writing this message to you is getting me horny, you should call me right
away because I am DTF.

Insatiably Yours